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Consultation - All new clients MUST book a consultation for their first initial appointment.

Cuts - are referred to as a more detailed cut such as layers, crops, bobs, etc. and vary in price based on the density of the hair and the detail of the cut."Trims" - are considered the cut for either split/damaged hair or maintenance to previous cut.

Style Outs - are referred to as Shampoo, Conditioner, and Basic Flat Iron or Thermal Curling. 

STS Express Strengthening Therapy System - a simple and easy amino-acid infused smoothing and thermal therapy system that temporarily straightens and smooths frizzy, naturally curly, multi-textured, transitioning, and chemically treated hair, for up to 12 weeks. Benefits include a professional 3-step smoothing application that provides maximum manageability, smoothness, and shine to all hair textures, while helping to strengthen and repair damage. The STS EXPRESS Smoothing System is highly recommended for textured clients looking to temporarily loosen their hair texture in order to achieve smooth thermal styles or gain manageability of their natural curl pattern. 

Ultimate Silk Press - This is a natural deep conditioning treatment that restores, moisturizes, and softens the hair; building stronger healthier hair with every use. 

  • Improves health and condition of hair

  • Softens, protects and minimizes breakage

  • Creates body and volume

  • Helps to promote growth and rebuild strength

  • Helps to repair damaged and over processed hair

  • Helps to fight humidity and reduce frizz

  • Deeply moisturizes and enhances natural shine

  • Nourishes and improves the appearance of hair

  • Improves manageability

  • Enhances curl definition

  • Restores luster

  • Maintains style preservation 

Specialty Styling - includes hair that is long and/or dense or Natural styling: Twist, Braiding, Natural Short Cuts & Styling, Iron Work (Wand Curls), etc. Deluxe Specialty Styling(DSS) - includes hair that is EXTREMELY dense and long and requires more time than the average client.

Deep Conditioning Treatment(DCT) 

This treatment penetrates deeply into the cuticle of the hair to hydrate, moisturize, and rejuvenate the hair and includes these different treatments based on your hair care needs. 

  • Basic Deep Conditioning Treatment - A super-charged conditioner that quickly penetrates the hair by softening, detangling, smoothing & sealing the cuticle of the hair. Strengthens the hair strand by filling in broken hair fibers, locking in added moisture to magnify shine. Prevents & Protects the hair against breakage. 

Basic Protein Treatment - visibly fortifies the hair leaving it smoother, softer, and more manageable. Prevents breakage and protects against damage, over-processed, or stressed hair.

Fortifying Vitamin Treatment 

An intense conditioning treatment that revitalizes and strengthens by penetrating the hair shaft. Naturally extracted keratin protein has been strategically added to this renewal formula to fortify and restore strands from roots to ends by transforming dry, dehydrated strands into soft, moisturized hair in just one use. 

Therapeutic Scalp Detox 

Infused with Peppermint & Aloe, this treatment immediate relieves the scalp from dryness, itching, and flaking caused by common scalp conditions such as Dandruff and Seborrheic Dermatitus. Purifies and detoxifies the scalp to help remove particles that cause irritation. Adds moisture and imparts shine to the hair and scalp to address dryness. 

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