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Billie J. Ross

Hello & Welcome! 

I'm Billie J. Ross, 

Owner of ExcluShear Salon. Thanks for clicking on my "about me". I am elated and honored you decided to visit my salon and to sit in my chair! My goal is that your values and goals concerning your hair will be met and your expectations exceeded. I am passionate about my craft and strategic in everything I do concerning your hair. My hope is that you find a Forever Stylist in me.




Read more about me below.




"After spending years working and striving for greatness & success in my career; I realized one thing. My success was my family!"



Design Essentials Educator for over 10 years. I have traveled the country educating and giving back to my peers. The greatest reward has not been meeting many great renowned professionals, but seeing my peers become more confident in themselves through the knowledge I was able to impart in them.

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